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Quick Start


You can install the API using pip:

pip install unipoll-api Done!

Check Deployment section for more information.

Launching the API

Use run command to launch the API server:

You can specify server address and port using --host and --port options:

unipoll-api run --port 9000 INFO: University Polling API v0.11.3 INFO: Started server process [1842018] INFO: Waiting for application startup. INFO: Application startup complete. INFO: Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

For more help use -h or --help option:

$ unipoll-api -h
$ unipoll-api run -h

Learn more about the available options in the Configuration section.

Access API Reference

Now you can connect your client application to the API server at http://localhost:9000.

Once the server is running you can access the API reference at http://localhost:9000/docs or http://localhost:9000/redoc.