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v0.12.2 (2023-12-08)


  • chore: Fixed mypy linting (42e6e4a)


  • ci: Fixed file name (66b2835)

  • ci: Changed artifact download path (15c2f41)

  • ci: Added trigger on changelog update (3197245)

  • ci: Updated changelog workflow (4c98e25)

  • ci: update (f8cd7b3)

  • ci: update (7d897f9)

  • ci: updated git installation step (04f002c)

  • ci: fixed needs (4f552fb)

  • ci: Changed test ci (acd9969)

  • ci: Changed workflow name (1c6a2e6)

  • ci: Added workflow to test (442fa8f)

  • ci: Update docs job (73f6975)

  • ci: app_id and private_key deprecated (3e3692d)


  • fix: Fixed get and create polls actions (b9bdc72)


  • refactor: Resolved mypy issues caused by original_field (73aa72b)

  • refactor: Changed Poll document

Replace workspace Link with BackLink, removed redundant declarations (394a16e)


  • style: Fixed flake8 errors (5390021)

  • style: Removed extra spaces (1531b13)


  • Merge branch 'main' of (ff0de73)

v0.12.1 (2023-10-23)


  • fix: Changed policy_holder_type for new policies

The policy_holder_type was set to "member", updated the method to use type of policy_holder via get_document_type() method (6f595ff)


  • refactor: Changed argument type in ErrorWhileRemovingMember

Changed user: Account to member: Member (4301c36)


  • Merge pull request #78 from unipoll/members

Patch Policies (a5100c0)

v0.12.0 (2023-10-23)


  • feat: Added Member document (8199204)


  • fix: Removed PathOperations import (1cbfc93)

  • fix: Updated group request to get policies

Updated route get_group_policies to find member using dependency and use it for get_policies action (c16a981)


  • refactor: Fixed mypy issues (d6ec5b8)

  • refactor: Added get_document_type classmethod

Added classmethod to Beanie Document get_document_type which returns Document type as a string (cfeebf7)

  • refactor: Updated to accommodate member update (73e4017)

  • refactor: Deleted obsolete path_operations file

This file included functions to read actions for building permissions and check permissions based on operation_id, both functions are not obsolete (095c103)


  • style: flake8 (b08c103)

  • style: Updated comments

Changed account to member (d29213a)


  • test: Updated tests to use new member document (8f7f352)

  • test: Updated workspace tests due to member update (af1dd25)


  • Merge pull request #77 from unipoll/members

Updated Members (102afff)

  • Update

Fixed link to developer wiki (a521dac)

v0.11.3 (2023-10-17)


  • ci: Added job to trigger docs workflow

On release, the api release workflow will trigger workflow in the docs repository with event update_api_changelog (c68bd48)


  • fix: Fixed delete actions of Workspace/Group

Due to changed to policies, upon deletion of Workspace/Group the related Policies could not be fetched and therefore deleted. Using DBref, the updated actions find and delete policies without even fetching them first (764cd57)

  • fix: Updated policy as a workaround for #75

A workaround for issue #75, the parent_resource was converted to the Link type, which is manually populated using create_link() method. Since Beanie cannot/struggles to fetch links of multiple types, two new class methods were added: get_parent_resource() uses link reference to find and return parent document(Workspace/Group/Poll), and get_policy_holder() finds and returns document of policy holder(Account/Group). (7ac8180)

  • fix: Changed the default permission for new group



  • refactor: Fixed mypy issues (8cb2916)

  • refactor: Changed remove_policy method

Renamed remove_policy to remove_member_policy, and added new remove_policy method which takes policy as an argument (ddfe048)


  • style: Fixed resource spelling (6ffa917)


  • test: Styling

Provided query parameter using params argument instead of passing as a part of url string (d4f986c)

  • test: Fixed set_permission_test

Added account_id parameter when checking account permissions (b68a4b1)


  • Merge pull request #76 from unipoll/development

Policies Patch (697406d)

  • Untrack .vscode (3885ec1)

  • Update

Updated Postman Documentation link (9d17121)

  • Merge branch 'main' of (f60d80b)

v0.11.2 (2023-10-15)


  • fix: Fixed routes to get/update policies

Updated Policy endpoints in Workspace and Group routes: Added account_id query parameter to GET resource/{resource_id}/policies, deleted GET resource/{resource_id}/policy, changed PUT resource/{resource_id}/policy to resource/{resource_id}/policies/{policy_id} and removed all the conditions inside (3404c17)


  • test: Updated policies in workspace/group tests

Updated tests to accomodate workspace/group route changes to get/update policies (b65dc01)


  • Merge pull request #74 from unipoll/development

Updated get/update policies routes (6a950e6)

v0.11.1 (2023-10-13)


  • ci: Update postman.yaml

Changed vars.POSTMAN_API_ID to secrets.POSTMAN_API_ID (9c34ea9)


  • fix: Added comma to workspace permission list (166184d)

  • fix: Updated set policy routes

Added case when user does not provide account_id in update_policy request, with the else statement, the route will find current user's policy (f072769)

  • fix: Replace required permission for update_policy

Changed old permission set_policy to the new update_policies (edccfa9)

  • fix: updated get_policies_from_resource

check_permissions does not return anything but raises an exception in case user does not have the required permission, so the check must be made using try-catch block (c116990)

  • fix: Changed required permission

Changed required permissions from add_members to get_members (785b889)

  • fix: Resolved issue with not getting group

check_permissions raises UserNotAuthorized from ResourceExceptions, so even though the permission is checked inside workspace, it will not raise WorkspaceExceptions (97808c3)

  • fix: Resolved circular import (e5eb703)


  • refactor: resolved mypy issues (762fa14)

  • refactor: Added permission check to actions

Added permission check to actions using new check_permission function (3b83508)

  • refactor: Updated dependencies functions

Removed permission check dependencies, added http wrapper for resource accessors (05db0f0)

  • refactor: Updated Permissions

Updated permission names, added utility function check_permissions which checks if user has required permissions based on provided resource and permission requirements, renamed check_permission to compare_permissions (4451376)

  • refactor: Removed permission check based on operation_id (5bd9b3b)



  • test: Change group test

The new policy action will return the users policy even if the user does not have permission to get_policies (d4d7980)


  • Merge pull request #73 from unipoll/permissions

Overhaul of Permission System (5e0ed7d)

v0.11.0 (2023-10-12)


  • feat: Added dependency to get policy by ID (0bfeb6d)

  • feat: Moved policy related actions to a separate file (5129fbe)

  • feat: Added new routes to get and create groups

Added new route to get list of groups, by default returns all groups which a user has permission to view, the endpoint also accepts query parameters to filter list of groups by name, workspace, or account (ff9aa02)


  • fix: Typing errors (9d9cc23)

  • fix: Resolved typing errors (9a852b3)

  • fix: Delete policies when group is deleted (a157480)

  • fix: Fixed groups not deleting (504b92f)


  • refactor: Added request schema for new group route

Added GroupCreateRequest for new POST /groups endpoint that will replace workspace/{id}/groups (f74f844)

  • refactor: Add permission check to get_policy (924e462)

  • refactor: Changed imports (dd7ba5a)

  • refactor: Moved create poll action (2664b7a)

  • refactor: Changed Member Actions

Moved Members related actions to a separate module. The old routes use new actions to view, add, remove members from Group/Workspace (3bd5363)

  • refactor: Moved group actions

Moved actions to get list of groups and create new group to GroupActions (6fdd25e)



  • Merge pull request #72 from unipoll/actions_rework

Actions overhaull (b843563)

v0.10.0 (2023-10-07)


  • build: Updated Dockerfile to use new cli run command (ea53b88)

  • build: Cleanup (95c9d05)

  • build: Updated pydantic version to 2.4 (91a5a30)


  • chore: Added .vscode to ignore (8cbac9f)

  • chore: deleted postman folder (0803c81)


  • ci: Fixed api-path-to-file-name (d55ee22)

  • ci: Changed action (cfc742a)

  • ci: Fixed action input

Unexpected input 'swaggerPath', changed to 'openApiSpec' (d74fa8b)

  • ci: Upadated postman workflow (598d729)

  • ci: Added workflow to update docs repository

On any updated to api wiki pages it will trigger Update Sobmodule workflow in the docs repository which will update the api-docs submodule refference (41349d1)


  • feat: Added docker-compose file (ee2756e)

  • feat: Added new cli options

Added option to setup app and get openapi schema (c7bd5b8)


  • fix: Fixed admin default in config (51f81a1)


  • refactor: Improved succes messages

Added full paths to the file for setup and get-openapi commands (2c29aac)


  • style: fixed flake8 issues (41f5339)


  • Merge pull request #71 from unipoll/development

Pydantic 2, better cli, docker-compose (44d071a)

  • Merge pull request #70 from unipoll/pydantic2-migration

build: Updated pydantic version to 2.4 (9c541ee)

v0.9.0 (2023-10-04)


  • build: Changed python base image to 3.11-alpine (0d44ba0)


  • feat: Added action to get poll list (114616f)


  • fix: Changed permissions field type

Changed permissions field type in Pollicy document from Permissions to int (9c44d6d)


  • refactor: Changed

Added src to pythonpath, change main function to use (8b76639)

  • refactor: Changed Dockerfile

Change build process to add unipoll-api entry point (210452d)

  • refactor: Changed Policy workspace link

Replace link to workspace with a backlink to parent resource that holds list of policies (581249f)

  • refactor: Added PolicyHolderNotFound exceptions

Added PolicyHolderNotFound exceptions instead of using generic resource exception (804ad38)

  • refactor: Moved permission checks

Moved permission checks to appropriate actions (fd2e23c)

  • refactor: Created Policy Actions file

Moved actions to get policy/policies to a separate file, the client can specify the resource from which the policy list is requested or the user whose policy is requested (6c89b10)


  • style: Removed commented out code (48733e1)

  • style: Renamed mongo database

Renamed mongo database from app to unipoll-api (bcd412d)


  • test: linting (46dd4e8)

  • test: Added back the testpaths field

Without testpaths, pytest would rund tests from dependency modules (03e71a8)


  • Merge pull request #69 from unipoll/development

Development (2590487)

  • Merge pull request #68 from unipoll/permissions

Permissions (077d92d)

  • Merge pull request #67 from unipoll/development

Renamed database and updated Dockerfile (3513d97)

  • Merge branch 'main' into development (839dfdf)

v0.8.3 (2023-09-26)


  • ci: Updated tag list for semantic-release (075c1ff)


  • fix: Removed unreachable return statement (e8df4da)

  • fix: Typing

Specified type of router and open_router for mypy (eb97462)


  • refactor: Moved query parsing to actions

Query parameters are passed to actions functions as parameters, where the response model is built

Closes #65 (38fc8f0)

  • refactor: Updated imports (e47a414)


  • style: renamed DOCUMENT_MODELS to documentModels (86a1269)


  • Merge pull request #66 from unipoll/development

Minor updates, ci, style, and refactoring (6361e35)

v0.8.2 (2023-09-24)


  • fix: Fix missing commas in PollPermissions list (9550a8f)


  • Merge pull request #64 from unipoll/development

fix: Fix missing commas in PollPermissions list (b38c3e2)

  • Update

Updated badges (d808620)

  • Update

Updated GitHub release Badge (5ea3db2)

v0.8.1 (2023-09-22)


  • build: Excluded tests folder from distribution

Added and slightely changed project configuration to exclude tests folder from the distribution which was causing import error (7483101)


  • fix: Fixed docker host ip

Changed host ip from to which was preventing connections from outside (0f8d89b)


  • revert: Removed minor flag

Removed option forcing updating minor versionh (0150b96)

  • Update

Changed API to api in badge links (5dc4129)

v0.8.0 (2023-09-21)


  • ci: Forcing minor version updated due to error (0cf6e85)


  • fix: Add ref main to checkout actions (ae7753a)

v0.7.10 (2023-09-21)


  • build: Moved source module to unipoll_api

BREAKING CHANGE: Changed project structure (49c2aa0)


  • ci: Update releaes trigger (5f36871)

  • ci: Updated PyPI release job to use GiHub runner (070a60a)

  • ci: Deleted pypi workflow (bba484a)

  • ci: Testing PYPI API Token with self hosted runner (cd283b2)

  • ci: Testing a different runner for PyPI release (57eb4a1)

  • ci: Fixed the name of the workflow (15450fd)

  • ci: Added separate workflow action for pypi release (0c8fee2)


  • feat: Added issue auto labeler workflow

The new workflow will automaticaly assign labels based on keywords in title (257beab)

  • feat: Added routes to update and delete polls (766fd63)

  • feat: Add actions to update and delete poll (6bc7310)


  • fix: Fixed path to (cc085db)

  • fix: TypeError: HEAD is a detached symbolic reference on PR

This is a general problem with CI services that checkout the repo by commit hash - because PSR has to create a new commit to update versions etc, it needs a branch to commit that to. (1e830dc)

  • fix: Fixed branch name from dev to development (04a01b4)

  • fix: Linting and checking validity of types (9d2bba3)

  • fix: Changed username to user (83c18b7)


  • refactor: Changed package structure for building distribution

Moved source module to unopoll_api module inside of src, added argparser to main and run functions, added entry point for the project, fixed pyproject.toml and Dockerfile, fixed all imports

closes #57 (63deb00)

  • refactor: Updated Poll Schemas naming

Added CreatePollRequest and UpdatePollRequest schemas, renamed Poll schema to PollResponse (afaf278)


  • test: Fixed pytest and tox issues for unipoll_api module

Added new file test-requirements.txt with deppendencies for tox, specified project layout for testing, removed redundant TestClient and cleaned up imports in the test files (6506d21)


  • Merge pull request #63 from unipoll/development

Minor CI Updates (1c00df0)

  • Merge pull request #61 from unipoll/development

Development merged (42d40fa)

  • Merge pull request #60 from unipoll/build

Updated Project Structure for PyPI release (53a06ca)

  • Merge pull request #59 from unipoll/labels-workflow

feat: Added issue auto labeler workflow (e7cbf92)

  • Merge pull request #58 from unipoll/polls

Polls (93bb0d7)

  • Merge branch 'main' of (281450b)

v0.7.9 (2023-09-18)


  • ci: Added checkout step to PyPI release job (2f61e81)


  • Merge branch 'main' of (ba57603)

v0.7.8 (2023-09-18)


  • fix: Added matrix to pypi release step (629f080)

v0.7.7 (2023-09-18)


  • build: Changed name to unipoll-api (ffe4b80)


  • ci: Updated PyPI release step (4bbf66c)

v0.7.6 (2023-09-18)


  • ci: Fixed released condition for pypi job (e100810)

  • ci: Added step to publish package to PyPI (441bd3a)

  • ci: Added test trigger on pull into main (df99d9e)

  • ci: Removed debug message from release step (aef429c)

  • ci: Added test as a requirement for release action (b91ff0a)


  • Update

Updated tests badge (d8ee875)

  • Update

Changed color of version badge (9c0e7c7)

  • Merge branch 'main' of (a79a75b)

  • Update

Added badges for GitHub release and Docker Image (5be3a4a)

v0.7.5 (2023-09-17)


  • ci: Updated actions

Added test job to release action, deleted docker action as it's moved to release, updated trigger for tests actions (93423ad)

v0.7.4 (2023-09-17)


  • ci: Added id to the release step (19bcc00)

v0.7.3 (2023-09-17)


  • ci: Testing output variables without brackets (4d9894e)

v0.7.2 (2023-09-17)


  • build: Removed package_data as not supported (46e9ea2)

  • build: Updated pyproject.toml

Removed setuptools_scm, provided version manualy, updated email (67cd4a8)


  • ci: Updated release action

Added debug message to see the output variables, changed docker tag from output.tag to output.version (eb989c0)

v0.7.1 (2023-09-17)


  • feat: Updated Polls

Updated polls document deffinition and schemas for polls and questions

BREAKING CHANGE: Added Polls (f2bc01d)


  • ci: Removed matrix value (48304f8)

  • ci: Updated release action

Added build command and forced patch version (08ede08)

  • ci: Made jobs run sequentially (f912c06)

  • ci: Updated release actions

Added additional step to rebuild package manualy, added job to release Docker image using release output (937f218)


  • feat: Added route to get Poll by id (56b12d8)

  • feat: Created actions to get questions and policies (6670083)

  • feat: Added model and permission dependencies for Polls

Added get_poll_model dependency to get a poll by id and verify it exists, and check_poll_permission to check if the current user has permissions to access the poll and perform requested actions (89eac3b)

  • feat: Created permission class and parser for Polls

Created PollPermissions class from action file, added constants POLL_ALL_PERMISSIONS and POLL_BASIC_PERMISSIONS (6f3a866)

  • feat: Added exceptions for getting polls

Added exceptions PollNotFound, UserNotAuthorized, and ActionNotFound (e0e3a84)

  • feat: Created QuestionList schema (486d2e2)

  • feat: Updated schemas

Added public and workspace field to Poll schema (7669106)

  • feat: Added public field to Poll documents (3d64638)

  • feat: Added response scheme PollShort

Changed PollList scheme to exclude questions and policies fields (08a9645)

  • feat: Updated workspace resource

Added Polls definitions to workspace routes, schemas, and actions (e0f2611)

  • feat: Created Poll scheme (67bb557)

  • feat: Created Question scheme (c7e9b5d)

  • feat: Created document definition for polls (133e7e7)


  • fix: Added question field to question model (d913b20)

  • fix: Added missing values when creating Poll document

Add public and policies fields when creating Poll document (d4d147d)


  • refactor: Updated route and action to get list of polls

Changed workspace route and action to use PollShort scheme to response to exclude list of questions and policies from the list (aa23e32)


  • style: Removed empty line at the beginning (cfad0ef)

v0.7.0 (2023-09-04)


  • build: Added setuptools-scm package (7c2a914)

  • build: Updated the dependencies (0608158)

  • build: Deleted pytest.ini

Deleted pytest.ini, the config was moved to pyproject.toml (88874c5)


  • ci: replaced semantic-release version from 8.0.x to 8.0.8 (329dafe)

  • ci: Added permisions to semantic-release action (ef15984)

  • ci: Changed tests action trigger

Trigger tests action on pull requests into main branch (ebf3b66)

  • ci: Updated semantic_release config (0e92f50)

  • ci: Added tag_commit option (a6276b9)


  • feat: Add coveralls action (48f6883)

  • feat: Added xml coverage report when testing (33a43e2)

  • feat: Added exception for error when removing a member (b14b2c1)

  • feat: Added schema for PATCH request to Update Workspace (0362849)

  • feat: Added query params to GET Group request

Added query param include, to get policies and/or members of the groups, when calling GET Group request (ac5b739)

  • feat: Added the enpoints to get all possible permissions

Created route endpoints and actions for getting Groups and Workspace permissions list

Closes #50 (738f59b)

  • feat: Included Group open_router

Added open_router from Group routes to the app (ac70686)

  • feat: Added enpoint to get list of all accounts (e42a3e4)


  • fix: Fixed build command for semantic-release (1f14bab)

  • fix: Fixed repo name of semantic-release action (85fa9b1)

  • fix: Changed coverage file format to lcov (1f5a8bf)

  • fix: Added path to coverage file (bb2da33)

  • fix: Fixed issue with mypy

Fixed issue with mypy not parsing BaseSettings type (d540f7f)

  • fix: Fixed issue with setuptools-scm (1a63883)

  • fix: [BUG]: Functions return hashed passwords #52 (89f98ef)

  • fix: Fixed issue with WorkspacePermissions (35b0e0a)

  • fix: Removed group field from Group Schema (873c048)

  • fix: Fixed bug when returning output of update policy (af13f6f)

  • fix: Fixed error when removing members (2a20596)


  • refactor: Deleted empty models directory (88913a0)

  • refactor: Moved from model to src (7244b4a)

  • refactor: Removed empty fields from response schema (bb893cd)

  • refactor: Changed description max length to 1000 (b82dbc2)

  • refactor: Changed few test according to default permissions (32d513e)

  • refactor: Tested Workspace and Group actions, minor fixes (eec6c74)

  • refactor: Renamed get_all_group_policies action

Renamed get_all_group_policies action to get_group_policies (4dc2b3c)

  • refactor: Renamed get_all_group_policies action

Renamed get_all_group_policies action to get_group_policies (4f65216)

  • refactor: Renamed get_all_group_policies action

Renamed get_all_group_policies action to get_group_policies (8ff77f1)

  • refactor: Moved action to get all permissions

Moved action to get all permissions to a separate action file, so getting list of permissions does not require a permission (5d24b40)

  • refactor: Changed default permissions for new policies (2436c4d)


  • style: Code cleanup and reorganization (1c1ee52)

  • style: Ignore typing (d262c3b)

  • style: Cleanup, renamed few variables (3bdec3f)

  • style: Updated route description

Expanded GET workspace request descriptions, renamed Workspace_resources to query_params (d381846)


  • Update

Added coverage badge (8d85ad4)

  • Merge pull request #54 from unipoll/development

Development (b134f05)

  • revert: Replaced file argument to path-to-lcov (a603c1d)

  • Merge pull request #49 from unipoll/front-end

Updates for Front End (d45e8fc)

v0.6.1 (2023-06-30)


v0.6.0 (2023-06-30)


  • ci: Updated setup config and changelog (c3a74b3)

  • ci: Add upload to repository (aec6992)

  • ci: Added git installation before checkout (7f49834)

v0.5.0 (2023-06-30)


  • ci: Updated release workflow (faeda92)

  • ci: Specified branch for semantic-release (f93c0e8)

  • ci: Added python-semantic-release (de1e39d)


  • Merge pull request #48 from unipoll/Development

Development (c654a93)

  • Merge pull request #47 from unipoll/Development

Changed workflows to be dispatched manually (6cc8a19)

  • Changed workflows to be dispatched manually (649bc63)

  • Merge pull request #46 from unipoll/Development

Fixing Docker Buildx Issue (eade4f8)

  • Closes #45 (de2eec7)

  • Merge pull request #44 from unipoll/Development

Config and verison update (108a6e0)

  • Updated version (15c32d3)

  • Merge pull request #42 from unipoll/Development

v0.7.42 Update (1b3ffde)

  • Added admin email and Fields for settings (b413dc0)

  • Removed erroneous get_account_db() (81554fc)

  • Cleanup (3009f56)

  • Added workflow dispatch (24e11b5)

  • Changed release package to softprops/action-gh-release@v1 (86b1183)

  • Fixed the runner issue with release workflow (de79855)

  • Fixed issue with missing build module (52feb68)

  • Updated dependencies (bfb6a47)

  • Fixed Runner name (a162d81)

  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into Development (e498f11)

  • Changed runner (c502801)

  • Added workflow to deploy docker images on release (6aee500)

  • Created docker file (11618e3)

  • Fixed flake8 and mypy issues (77c6cd0)

  • Fixed spelling issues and print statements (1b8ff7b)

  • Changed secrete to use settings from config Added Client ID to settings (f7a878e)

  • Specified typing (4aaac46)

  • Changed return to Group instead of GroupShort (9c30de8)

  • Moved access token model, update auth response (2f79bd7)

  • Added query params to get_workspace endpoint (9bfe492)

  • Added endpoint for postman to refresh tokens (c18219c)

  • Updated delete_account to remove access token (4e0685f)

  • Merge pull request #41 from unipoll/test_tox

Fixed issues to pass tox testing (7b0a535)

  • Fixed mypy errors (a3dbb9c)

  • Removed check for untyped function definitions (bde8ee0)

  • Fixing typing errors from mypy (8f0f3d7)

  • Cleanup (f1accd4)

  • Dictionary (38f360f)

  • test workflow on commit (60b3bee)

  • renamed workflow (c88b0c3)

  • testing tox (2f985fc)

  • Debugging action runner (43e4a3a)

  • Remove python3.10 as it does not pass the tests (ebe0900)

  • Cleanup (b77224b)

  • flake8 (65e1169)

  • Changed load order (839a3db)

  • Fixed issue with accounts router (0e6477d)

  • renamed arc runner (54b531f)

  • Testing arc-runner-set (78ad1be)

  • Added app config and updated app version (5d51243)

  • Run tests on pull requests (dabd85c)

  • Merge pull request #39 from unipoll/authentication

Authentication (3137530)

  • Merge pull request #38 from unipoll/group_testing

Updated Group Tests (ae188c3)

  • Merge branch 'websockets' into authentication (060dfe7)

  • Separated the code into separate files (726a17d)

  • Added endpoint and logic to refresh token (60b26e4)

  • Added custom strategy for authentication (6d812b0)

  • Cleaned up imports (043c2e2)

  • Testing GH Actions (bce7e16)

  • Added cleanup (4992d86)

  • Fix issue with tox-gh-actions (b1c5cf2)

  • Add option to suppress pip warning about running as root (2431351)

  • Fixed issue with PyJWT version (021a0c2)

  • Updated tests action to use self-hosted runner (71cc8c8)

  • Added WS router (a8e7a70)

  • Added Login route to return correct OAuth body Moved imported routers to the separate file (f446650)

  • Added the default WS endpoint with dependencies Added dependencies to check if token or cookies were supplied (3482215)

  • Added WS manager (401ef6a)

  • Fixed all tests in group testing (0eb4437)

  • Fixed issue with fetching group links (f1a9f7b)

  • Fixed endpoint naming, Added route to get all policies, Added route to delete members (afbb4a1)

  • Added action to get all policies Replaced action to set policy (699b203)

  • Cleaned files, stylistic (bd5e4e0)

  • Removed redundant print statements (e85c142)

  • Fixed status code (cf70e24)

  • Updated group testing (1d6cb74)

  • minor stylistic changes (316cad9)

  • Added tests to Get all Policies, Set Permissions, and Delete Workspace (5483388)

  • Removed deprecated code (17a08f5)

  • minor stylistic changes (5db228a)

  • Added dependency to get and return account (69bd3cd)

  • Updated route to delete current active user Replaced default route to delete account by id (dada11f)

  • Renamed GET all_policies to GET policies (2512257)

  • minor changes (7acb080)

  • Python version changed (c66246a)

  • Minor changes (1204244)

  • Added optional field for specifying Account ID (b9812b6)

  • Added remove_member method to resources (c9ee950)

  • Changed Delete action to remove residual data (b52067a)

  • Fixed set_workspace_policy (e9f0ad4)

  • Merge branch 'workspace_testing' of into workspace_testing (e38fcb4)

  • Added second workspace for testing Added test to update workspace info with duplicate name Added cleanup after tests (936d90b)

  • Fixed wrong error code on Not Found Exception (fb0a6a3)

  • Added policy deletion to delete workspace action (6946031)

  • Fixed status code for workspace deletion (fef2522)

  • Update

fixed link to wiki (e25ecde)

  • Update

fixed link to wiki (600f1b2)

  • Created workspace tests Coverage: action 46%, routes 57%, exceptions 77% (1e3066e)

  • Created file to test permissions (57bb3ac)

  • removed requirements_dev (d1f6788)

  • Updated requirements (f645cf6)

  • Removed deprecated debug flag (87ff011)

  • Changed group tests order to run after workspace tests (d6f0b0a)

  • Update check_workspace_permission to check if user id superuser (73602a6)

  • Updated tests for Account(previously test_1_user) (2dfe1d7)

  • Updated version (a2add49)

  • Moved List of document models to Renamed get_user_db to get_account_db Moved create_link function to models/ (7d45916)

  • Added account router Fixed naming for imported routers Renamed user into account Moved List of document models to (27c144a)

  • Added database strategy for storing access tokens (81f467e)

  • Added recursive permission lookup through all nested groups Added constants for default permission (9130d4e)

  • Added PolicyOutput, PolicyList schemas Added optional permissions field to PolicyShort Added optional field policy_id for PolicyInput (2732830)

  • Added Member, AddMembers, MemberList schemas Created new member schemas in separate file schemas/ (8b6fd5a)

  • Removed deprecated member schemas (c5df2f0)

  • Removed deprecated member schemas Removed regex filter for names (cd5600b)

  • Fixed missing last name (10d42c8)

  • Added delete_members, get_all_workspace_policies endpoints Modified endpoints to return HTTP Exceptions in case of catching APIExceptions Change updating method for workspace from PUT to PATCH (6f175d7)

  • Modified all endpoints to return HTTPException on error(APIException) (5e3bcb6)

  • Replaced old routed definition with new format Removed GET {user_id}/groups (deprecated) Modified delete_user to use action delete_user and follow general format (61afe4b)

  • Expanded name field to 50 characters Added boolean Save option to add_member method Fixed issue with wrong id type @65 (09b5e47)

  • Modified AddingExistingMember exception to use APIException class (89f3375)

  • Added PolicyNotFound exception Created Policy Exception file exceptions/ (6e8c776)

  • Removed deprecated UserNotInGroup, UserAlreadyExists Reworked UserNotAuthorized, AddingExistingMember to use APIException (0898540)

  • Added ErrorWhileDeleting exception Replaced deprecated AccountNotFound with Resource exception (3a41dc8)

  • Converted exceptions from HTTPException to custom class APIException (7711dd5)

  • hid init files, (35cd326)

  • Renamed get/add permission to get/add policy Added action to get list of all workspace policies Replaced default permissions with constants from Added MemberList schemas for get/add members Fixed get_workspace_members output schema (ba40661)

  • Removed deprecated dependency method (0552ccb)

  • Added account_id query to get/post_permission Added MemberList Schemas to get/post_members (bf1b856)

  • Moved account_manager (127898b)

  • Remove settings.json from staging area (2dad989)

  • Added Permissions, finished Rework (3b5e736)

  • cleanup (57566b6)

  • Created dependency module (ae1ef10)

  • Renamed user into account (99b135a)

  • Moved all Document models into one file (ac39ca5)

  • Added policy and permission (untested) (9f2d06b)

  • Hid directories not related to project (8a6d8a1)

  • Added group router (d62a4d1)

  • Added basic CRUD and CR for members (6487115)

  • Added basic CRUD, CR for workspace members/groups (922278f)

  • Added ErrorWhileDeleting exception (1f90189)

  • Created actions to get/add members to workspace (13d6128)

  • Changed list_groups route to use get_user_groups() (a5615cb)

  • Fixed get_user_groups(); Updated create_group() to add group to workspace (ba56021)

  • Added action to create groups (eb8d747)

  • Update import naming (3a77b93)

  • Renamed UserRead Schemas (96d30df)

  • Renamed and updated output schemas for groups (cd46a88)

  • Removed group list from user model (7de58d8)

  • Move route to list groups into workspace router (a1af1db)

  • Update group model to use links Added method for adding user link (2bc7c78)

  • Added ids to workspace output schemas (bb525b7)

  • Added group actions to GET list of groups (154a26e)

  • Added a list of group links to Workspace model (b626226)

  • Created an abstract class for exceptions (e5eba2d)

  • Added Workspace router to the project Added Workspace document model to the database Added set_active_user Dependency to save user in the context Temporary removed user and group routers from the project (a27d8f8)

  • Added a ContextVar for current user (bd6c1cc)

  • Added bson to the dictionary (b6fec56)

  • Added schema, route, and action to create a workspace (257ae4d)

  • Added exceptions for workspace creation (7399fe0)

  • Added GET route to list workspaces (2dbc221)

  • Created actions to get a list of workspaces (c768bb9)

  • Created schemas for reading workspaces (d34ce93)

  • Created WorkspaceID schema (bd4fa0c)

  • Created method to add member to the workspace list (2e299df)

  • Created Workspace model (81eb993)

  • Initial version of release workflow (e8fa47c)

  • Initial version of postman workflow (0334c4a)

  • Removed extra checkout step (0568fe8)

  • Added links (ea3a975)

  • Update (9a03d12)

  • Added 0.0.4 documentation (6e40ed2)

  • Added 0.0.5 version (8cd42fc)

  • Merge pull request #30 from mike-pisman/Testing

Testing (e5ec36a)

  • Merge branch 'Development' into Testing (7815e67)

  • Fixed pyproject.toml (11b1e14)

  • removed redundant print statement (293ee4c)

  • Update test to delete user using endpoint /users/me (a3371ab)

  • Fixed mypy issues (96f9bbc)

  • Added dynamic version setup through config file (3db2b8f)

  • Removed trailing space (3fc468b)

  • Merge pull request #29 from mike-pisman/Groups

Groups (43a551a)

  • Added comments (92ba323)

  • Styling (47f3032)

  • Replaced PydanticObjectId with UserID (d9b776d)

  • Styling (13c509f)

  • Added type check (e19cbc9)

  • Fixed error with updating the role (tested) (1cf764d)

  • Replaced PydanticObjectID with UserID/GroupID (50523ca)

  • Added comments (bd32441)

  • Added scheme to update member (b5703c3)

  • Added route to get member info and update member's role (1ec93ec)

  • Added route to get personal group, cleaned files (431547e)

  • Merge pull request #28 from mike-pisman/Accounts

Added delete /users/me route (1ed7fcf)

  • Merge branch 'Testing' into Accounts (b8c5674)

  • Added delete /users/me route (7ed1f69)

  • Fixed mypy error (d377361)

  • Changed FIXME to BUG (eaa61e9)

  • Added pydantic plugin for mypy (2bc21d2)

  • Changed tests to run only on pull into Development (651adc7)

  • Added the badge for tests (d38d3fc)

  • Fixed issue with muliple directories when building (b436733)

  • Merge pull request #26 from mike-pisman/Testing

Updates and Github actions (2d07a9a)

  • Cleaned up files, fixed issues with UserID (b5b454f)

  • Merge pull request #25 from mike-pisman:Groups

Merge pull request #24 from mike-pisman:Accounts (3a9f88c)

  • Merge pull request #24 from mike-pisman:Accounts

Removed testing on pull, test only on push (d1fc772)

  • Replaced PydanticObjectId for GroupID (b6acbeb)

  • Replaced PydanticObjectId with UserID (b1ef77f)

  • Removed testing on pull, test only on push (30770ce)

  • Updated node versions (08de6d0)

  • Removed database test, updated Github workflow (b6b3bb5)

  • Removed redundant .env creation (9c76543)

  • Added MONGODB_URL to tox (e35b78b)

  • Added test to check database connection (26dad87)

  • Added Postman integration (71df669)

  • Fixed incorrect fastapi-users import (66b7841)

  • Added debug for .env to check what's causing a failure (dc1ee52)

  • Fixed .env (37d9a0a)

  • Added MongoDB connection url as .env file entry (3fac4cb)

  • Added the comma that was causing the test failure Removed py39, as it is too old (132e477)

  • Changed python version to string(yaml specifics) (8172690)

  • Changed the action to run on push (f5924fd)

  • Merge pull request #23 from mike-pisman/Testing

Pulling changes to Development version 0.0.5 (1762bbf)

  • Created Tests GitHub action (41c64ee)

  • Cleaned the files (277d3c5)

  • removed git -e entry that was casing an error (18edca4)

  • Fixed issue with author format (72cf89d)

  • is no longer needed (3df063d)

  • Added basic tox and setuptools configuration (49b9053)

  • Cleaned the file for mypy and flake8 (24261f2)

  • Added requirements_dev.txt for development/testing (13eb628)

  • Changed imports to avoid styling issues (3279770)

  • Added pytest-cov plugin (2b987f4)

  • Moved tests outside of the app directory Added response types Changed print statement to use colored_debug Added test_delete_group_no_owner() Cleaned the files for mypy and flake8 (9c39fc1)

  • removed trailing space (359bd01)

  • Added response types and cleaned the files for mypy and flake8 (2d62228)

  • Fixed import issue, cleaned the file (a0fb46d)

  • Merge pull request #22 from mike-pisman:Groups

No changes need review, update Groups and Users. (c54d543)

  • Updated response models, cleaned files for mypy and flake8 (1a72a4d)

  • Added settings.json to repo (56871e9)

  • Merge pull request #21 from mike-pisman/Accounts

Add Account's updates to Groups (1144158)

  • Merge branch 'Groups' into Accounts (d297e13)

  • Accepted incoming changes (f1302b1)

  • Added .history folder (f95c1d9)

  • Changed the response of list_user_groups(), cleaned the file (660de6b)

  • Replaced print with colored print, cleaned the file (01c0569)

  • Cleaned files for mypy and flake8 (f71ec1a)

  • Changed email field from str to EmailStr (db84108)

  • Improved group testing:

  • Added tests during group creation
  • Added testing for group deletion
  • Added debug message for various actions (d4419e5)

  • Merge pull request #20 from mike-pisman:Groups

Fixed unit test to Add members to test group (0d2e272)

  • Made member routes to exclusive Updated routes to use new schemas for members (737cc5c)

  • Update creation event to use colored debug (09fdf88)

  • Updated Group schemas:

  • Added GroupReadSimple
  • Added GroupReadFull
  • Added GroupMember schema
  • Updated GroupReadMembers
  • Added examples (1723b33)

  • Fixed unit test to Add members to test group (08a1e78)

  • Merge pull request #19 from mike-pisman:Groups

Update Group rouing and functionality (64b7003)

  • Changed print to colored debug (c5e3f70)

  • Added GET users request, changed tags (991b140)

  • Merge pull request #18 from mike-pisman/Groups

Groups (df823a2)

  • Merge pull request #17 from mike-pisman/Groups

Groups (7fde29b)

  • Merge branch 'Development' into Groups (7dd3577)

  • Merge pull request #16 from mike-pisman/Testing

Testing (b02391b)

  • Updated .gitignore (d748ffa)

  • Updated create_group (5110a59)

  • Updated group_test (55445b5)

  • Removed the work in progress (c1937c9)

  • Merge pull request #15 from mike-pisman/Groups

Fixed bug with User.update (644dfd1)

  • Fixed bug with User.update (607c8a0)

  • Updated Group test (470711d)

  • Updated .gitignore (a230cb5)

  • Started working on group tests (63707cb)

  • Added tests for user (5af074d)

  • Added testing module (92332ca)

  • Updated new group schemas (ae4a403)

  • Added util function file for users (57e6a9c)

  • Added new schemas: UserReadBasicInfo, UserAddToGroup Added examples to schemas (4458112)

  • Major rework of group routes (ca08f25)

  • Defined after_event to watch for updates (05cb5b1)

  • Updated UserNotFound to print different messages (70c821a)

  • Added UserNotInGroup, updated status codes (117f76c)

  • Added reloading to uvicorn (d86460b)

  • Moved main to outer folder (5cf3b5f)

  • Added Settings model for using with .env (c22fd15)

  • Fixed tag spelling for login (239e153)

  • Changed api version (28810b8)

  • Updated Group schemas Added config for examples and fields for validation (d1f0aa5)

  • Improved group routes, work in progress

  • GET "/group?query" with query works
  • POST "/group" to create a group works (1960ffa)

  • Cleaned Group model Added field and basic validation (423acd7)

  • Updated names of exceptions, Added GroupNotFound (dc454e4)

  • Add test_venv to .gitignore (a92784d)

  • Added get_user_groups() util function (b1e01ef)

  • Added GroupList, GroupRead, GroupCreate schemas (f842ff1)

  • Added get /users/groups route (975fce1)

  • Added first_name, last_name fields to User model (4b6d000)

  • Updated User schema to store first_name, last_name (b179755)

  • Imported routes for cleaner set up (dcbef08)

  • Added UserNotFound exception (298ceac)

  • Added classes for http exceptions (0ee1799)

  • Renamed Exceptions folder (27628d7)

  • Renamed tags (d40fed6)

  • Added functions to print colored messages (d6625d7)

  • Created utlls folder (70b4ac4)

  • Added colorama (ad929c7)

  • Fixed missing type (f23a5f5)

  • Improved Group retrieval for /grou GET (92765b5)

  • Merge pull request #8 from mike-pisman/Accounts

Pulling changes from Accounts for Postman integration (eb1782f)

  • Added add_user() to Group model (158db53)

  • Started add_user_to_group() (8171447)

  • Temporarely changed groups type from Dict to List (f77b0aa)

  • Added defenition for user deletion method (5cf2d32)

  • Created folder for storing custom exceptions (cb9b0bb)

  • Added init to schemas (225776d)

  • Added a group exception user_exists (84a8f9e)

  • Reworked group routes:

  • added /post to create a new group
  • Added /get to get all groups user belongs to (9d94e7e)

  • changed owner from User to PydanticObjectId (e99de90)

  • Renamed Database (978a9ad)

  • Fixed bug "no Group class" (168943c)

  • Added group router (a301671)

  • Added requirements.txt (c0dca11)

  • Cleaned up files (97dd184)

  • Added Group model and started working on routes (4558f0d)

  • Added routes for users (3b68fcb)

  • Added files to create modules (a7f4f5a)

  • Organized project using modules (6677b10)

  • Created a separate main to run uvicorn (7c5b486)

  • Moved application definitions to (67d018c)

  • Basic main (d922477)

  • Basic MongoDB (b7795cf)

  • Initial commit (becb151)